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Spotlight – Frank Morrison

This month we begin our monthly Spotlight where we shine the light on some of the most creative, innovative and talented individuals you may or may not have heard of.  Be it music, art, fashion or influencing culture, these highlighted individuals have earned the spotlight through their hard work and dedication to their craft. What's more impressive, is that they…read more
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It's been 8 weeks since the release of Jay's Z 13th Studio album titled 4:44 and it still remains as the talk all over the country. Produced by No ID with additional production from Jay Z himself and others such as James Blake and Dominic Maker has us once again changing clothes, or at least changing the way we think…read more
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Is Nicki’s Reign Over?

Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj had social media in flames this weekend as their feud finally came to a head. Both rappers have have thrown shots at each other, never confirming or denying any issues when directly asked in interviews. That all changed this weekend when Gucci Mane dropped "Make Love" featuring a Nicki Minaj verse that possibly took direct shots…read more

The Time Is Now for 5am

With the global success of Migos, it’s becoming more evident that there is some credible talent coming out of North Atlanta. Myself, being born and raised in the SWATS, the Northside was never really acknowledged. 5AM and his team are changing that.

At first it was discouraging, reppin’ the Northside, cause nobody was really doing it before. Then it also gave us hope like, it’s ok to be different. That’s why my team is called 78 East. We represent the home team.”

When the loosie ‘New Diddy’ was released, it gained momentum with over 100k plays on Soundcloud & now with the recent re-release of ‘Euphoria‘ , 5AM really has some jams on this project.  The opener, ‘In a Minute’ is a modern, more wavy interpretation of Mike Jones’s sentiments on ‘Back Then‘. ‘Catching Vibes’ reminds me of a perfect summers night at the now closed Department Store, where 5AM used to perform before it was shut down. read more